We’re talking about the Dosret biscuit silly! Not the member for government – lol!!

Local peoples know that Dosret knobs are good for tourists because they cost a fortune and they be dry, nasty and stick to the roof of your mouth. Ha ha ha.

That is indeed why locals drink a lot, lot, lot of cyder. Yes really. And that is why the Good Lord gave us Dosret Blue Vinney Cheese.

Blue Vinney is most strong and smelly and on the Morrisons packet says rich, blue veined which is a bit rude. It goes excellent with a knob. Just smear it on – generous like – and you will be surprised how good the knob tastes. It also makes it much easier to swallow, which is good for older people who have trouble getting things down, or anyone in fact who lacks a pint of cyder to hand.


  1. ladybog said:

    why are there no turnips in this recipe?

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