I got a strong urge to visit a new part of Dosretshire called Pool and when Busty gets an urge, let me tell you, she gives in to it!!

Pool is a ‘top destination’ where many rich millionaires live. I (and maybe a thousand other babe bitches) WLTM a millionaire for laughs, good times – mostly marriage, no pre-nup.

First stop – Pool hospital. I recommend this for a single lady day out because it’s free to get in and there are many handsome doctors. Also, visiting a millionaire in his sickbed is an act of Eastern European caring kindness. Plus, he’s sick – he don’t go away, lol. It’s a secret Busty ‘dating strategy’.

In the hospital, there are 3 cafes (yes!) plus shops selling sweets, magazines, flowers – in fact, everything a sick man needs. Except sex in his bed. But don’t worry, lol, that’s where I come in.

It was not as easy as I thought to a) spot the millionaires or c) show them a good time. None of the sick men had Rolex watches on. I got no help from the nurses who were not friendly. They want to keep all the rich patients to themselves.

After a day’s big effort, I have not had success but ‘I’ll be back’ as I always say, to quote my favourite singer Britney Speers.