Can you believe it? Yes it’s that time of year already and we are back in Dosret for Summer BinWatch.

The great news this year is that, despite the dreadful weather and hideous-looking tourists, Dosret bins are literally teeming with life. Bin twitchers are here from all over the world to observe and record the activity.

Throughout July and August, we’re expecting to see bins bursting with a dazzling display of crap, such as half eaten fish and chips, ice cream and sweet wrappers, condoms, lubricants and drinks.

The BBC Bin Watch team is installed – in a hide right down on the Cobb at Lyme Regis, in a prime location for filming the action.

‘Every year it blows my mind, it’s just so beautiful watching the tourists coming right up to the bins, putting their rubbish in and walking away. We’re literally feet away from them,’ whispered presenter Katy Fumble.

Bin Watch will be bringing you a daily round up of the day’s activity and you can also visit our website for LIVE BinCam images. This year for the first time, the BBC have actually put a webcam actually INSIDE the bin, so you can have see and experience unique, exclusive incredible images of rubbish falling INTO a Dosret bin.

It’s a busy few weeks. Soon September will be here and the bins will go into hibernation, visited only by the odd flurry of Werther Originals from old pensioners shuffling along the front.  But no thoughts of that now. The bins must make full use of the warm weather to build themselves up for the winter.

This year BinWatch hopes to bring you exclusive images, never seen before on television (or anywhere else) of Dosret bins actually mating.

‘I seen bins at it on the front but mind you, it was dark and I was totally shit-faced, so I couldn’t be sure,’ said a Lyme Regis local.

That’s enough of a tip-off to keep our team up all night watching and waiting for a BinBonk exclusive. Stay with us at