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Last week, I, Busty Jingles had the unique opportunity to spend leisure time in a static caravan! This was a unique and exciting experience for me as Slovakia doesn’t have any of these, not even on the outskirts. Most Dosret folk never get the chance to sit in a caravan because the bloody tourists have taken them all.  This is called second homes for twats.

I relished the chance to sit inside on matching, padded furniture and eat fantastic food such as chicken goujons, crisps and fine wine. For me, my earliest memories are of stewed turnips and firewater, so this was an excellent improvement.

Most of the static caravans have a view of neighbouring caravans, which is lovely but if you want a view of the sea it’s a simple thing to step out and walk around a bit until you find the sea.

If you are very quick or are prepared to wait a long time, around 20 years, you could move to the front of the caravan park and have that view for yourself. This is the best because you can see the sea without even moving the TV (yes, there’s even TV in a static) or getting up from your settee.

Lucky Busty! More adventures coming soon.